Council discusses chief deputy coroner position

Pulaski County Council members discussed the chief deputy coroner position after it was brought up by councilman Ken Boswell during a meeting on Nov. 13. 
Boswell said he has spoken to several different people regarding the chief deputy coroner’s wages including the county attorney, council members, the commissioners and others who deal with the coroner’s position. Talking about the position was not on the agenda for the council meeting.   
Coroner John Behny voiced his concern about chief deputy Jon Frain not being paid the $8,000 that was budgeted for the year during the Oct. 8 joint session of the commissioners and the council. Frain was being paid a monthly salary of just less than $150. 
According to Boswell, there are two ways to look at how the chief deputy position is paid in regards to the matrix. It appears the person in the chief deputy position would be considered a chief deputy and held at the 82 percent of the elected official’s wages, “because that is how we handle it for all the other departments out there.” Or the position could be considered part-time and it would be a $14-an-hour wage job. 
Boswell proposed that the position should be paid the chief deputy rate of 82 percent of the coroner’s pay which would be about $7,998.28. He made a motion to pay Frain the 82-percent pay rate for 2018 and for 2019.
The motion died for a lack of a second.
Three of the council members, Linda Powers, Mike Tiede and Alex Haschel, were absent from the meeting. 

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