Council approves budget but denies motion to reinstate CDC project manager position

Pulaski County Community Development Commission (CDC) Executive Director Nathan P. Origer spent several minutes defending what the department has done for the county during the last several years and why a project manager is needed but the end result didn’t change. 
Origer, along with CDC project manager Krysten Hinkle and CDC board president Gregg Malott, asked the council during a regular council meeting Monday evening, to continue to support the department and Hinkle’s job. The project manager position was recently unfunded by the county council during a special meeting on Sept. 30. At the time Origer left the meeting quite angry. A special meeting was then scheduled for the CDC board. 
Origer presented the council members with a list of things the department has accomplished. The list also included what projects might be at risk because the department is understaffed including workforce development. He said the office will also have to be closed while he attends various meetings or when he is on vacation. He listed a number of things Hinkle does including updating the website, proofreading, research, social media and minor projects. 
Council member Brian Young made a motion to add Hinkle’s position back to the county budget. Council president Jay Sullivan asked Young to wait until the council discussed the budget later in the meeting. 
When the council discussed the budget again later in the meeting, Young again made the motion to add the project coordinator back into the budget. The motion was seconded by councilwoman Kathi Thompson. 
The motion was denied with a three to four vote. The motion was opposed by DeSabatine, Tiede and Hinkle. Sullivan broke the tie with a vote of opposition. 

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