Commissioners approve solar farm amendments

There was much ado about wind farm regulations in the county last year but little about solar farms this year.   
Because of the lack of concern, the Pulaski County Commissioners approved an amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance regarding solar farms. Pulaski County Building Inspector Doug Hoover presented the commissioners with the amendments during a regular meeting Monday morning. 
“It was changed a little bit. Anytime a commercial solar comes in it has to go in front of the BZA hearing. That way it gives the surrounding people a chance to get their two cents in,” Hoover said. 
The changes also include fees. 
County attorney Kevin Tankersley said the amendment is broadening “the language of solar development.”     
The amendment will be in effect on Jan. 1, 2020. 

See the full story in the Pulaski County Journal, available in print and e-edition.

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