Bids for new Medaryville water tower higher than estimated Bids for new

Bids received by the Medaryville Town Council have been taken under advisement after a bid opening on July 30. 
The bids were for a 60,000 gallon elevated water tank project that the town has been working toward since the beginning of the year. The bid opening was supposed to happen on July 17 but was postponed due to allowing more time for bids. 
John Sturgill, from McMahon Engineers and Architects, opened the bids for pedestal tanks that ranged from a base bid of $999,972 to $1,003,000. Demolishing the current tank was bid to cost between $18,000 and $53,000.  
Because the bids were for pedestal tanks and not composite elevated water tanks that look like a silo, the bids were more expensive than the amount of funding available. Sturgill said the type of tank that was bid was about how much he thought it would cost but that’s not what the grant is based on. The grant was based on a bolt-together style. 
Medaryville was one of 19 rural communities to receive federal grant funding for the project. The town was awarded $600,000 to improve the drinking water system including the new water tower. A local match of $173,250 will be made by the town.  

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