Lynn Wilder, who is acting as interim county clerk, led JoLynn Behny Johnston in the oath of office on Dec. 19, a day after she was appointed to the position during a Republican caucus.

Behny Johnston named clerk

Six candidates vied for the Pulaski County Clerk position but only one could be named to the position during a caucus on Dec. 18. 
Republican chairman Daniel Murphy said the caucus went well with about 60 people in attendance to support their favorite candidate and JoLynn Behny Johnston was the candidate who received the most votes. She received more than 50 percent of the votes that were cast.   
With the passing of Pulaski County Clerk Christi Hoffa, a caucus was held to decide who will serve the remainder of this year and the next term. Hoffa, 38, passed away on Nov. 20, leaving behind  a family of three and numerous friends. She began her career as clerk after a caucus was held Nov. 10, 2015. She officially took office the first of the year in 2016. Hoffa was chosen as the successor after Tasha Foerg resigned from the elected position because her family was moving. 
Murphy said there was one round of voting by 13 of 15 precinct members. One precinct member was absent and the second would have been Hoffa. Murphy said the vice precinct member under Hoffa could have voted if a written proxy had been completed before Hoffa passed.   
Behny Johnston will begin office on Dec. 26. She will complete Hoffa’s term through December 2022. She was sworn into office on Dec. 19. 

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