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The Journal encourages readers to share their observations and opinions on topics with us, whether they are of local, statewide or national interest. Letters should be no longer than 500 words. The Journal will not publish letters that contain potentially libelous statements, unsubstantiated incidents or unwarranted personal attacks. We also will not publish letters from accused criminals disputing the facts in their criminal case, nor from convicted criminals about their sentencing, modifications or general complaints. Letters must include the signature, address and telephone number of the author. When published, all letters will contain the author’s name and town of residence. If the Journal cannot verify the identity of a letter’s author, the letter will not be published. Exceptions may be made in life-threatening or job-threatening situations. In addition, the Journal will not publish letters sent about for-profit corporations from which they may derive a benefit. Thank you letters are not considered Letters to the Editor except for general letters of appreciation or commendation for acts above and beyond the call of duty. In election years, the Journal will not publish letters for or against particular local candidates. However, letters expressing views on specific issues are encouraged and will be published as they conform to our policies. Poetry will not be published in the letters section. Form letters sent to numerous others or copies of letters sent to other individuals or agencies may not be printed. We reserve the right to limit letters from the same person to one per month. All letters will be edited for length and clarity as necessary. Letters must be received before 5 p.m. the Thursday prior to publication with no promise of a specific issue date.

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