After the fire the walls were knocked down and the metal scrap was removed. The former Freeman property is receiving a new look as debris is being removed and the lot turned into a small landscaped space.

After two years former Freeman lot is cleared

Attorney John Kocher wasn’t pleased seeing a lot of broken bricks and twisted metal next to his office each time he stepped outside. 
So Kocher took the lead and obtained the former Freeman property that was causing an eyesore for downtown businesses and the Town of Winamac. 
The former Freeman building on South Logan Street, south of Main Street, was destroyed by fire on March 4, 2017. The fire completely destroyed the brick building and spread to the Kocher and Tankersley law firms building that was just north of the fire. Damage was also caused to the siding of buildings to the east and west of the fire. The cause of the fire was ruled as undetermined while the fire in the Kocher building was caused by it spreading from the Freeman building. 
After the fire, little was done to the Freeman property other than some of the metal being removed but nothing that made a positive impact. 

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