Budget on schedule for West Central’s new school year
A number of resignations have sent West Central School Corporation scrambling to find teachers, but at a school board meeting on Aug. 7, it appears they are ready for the new school year. During the meeting, school board members accepted eight resignations and hired 15 employees.

Those who resigned include special needs teacher Bryce Kappes, business teacher and varsity basketball coach Travis Standland, agriculture teacher Becky Snyder, physical education teacher Caryn Yochum, band and choral teacher Alex Warren, middle school custodian Joan Allen, elementary school instructional assistant Jennifer Marlatt, and middle school instructional assistant Tammy Toosley.

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Winamac farmer to receive River-Friendly Farmer award
One Pulaski County farmer is receiving a special honor as he will be named a river-friendly farmer on Wednesday, Aug. 13.

Howard Conner, of Winamac, is one of 59 River Friends Farmers who will be recognized by the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts for the work he has done to protect Indiana’s natural resources.

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Beware of caller ID scam
Pulaski County Sheriff Mike Gayer is warning that a new telephone scam is sweeping across the nation and Pulaski County residents have been contacted.

Gayer recently received a call from a Francesville resident who was caller ID spoofed.

“He got a phone call and it came up on the caller ID as somebody he knew so he answered it and in fact it was some scam outfit,” Gayer said. “Somehow people have manipulated the phones. I read the same thing is happening somewhere else in the state.”

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Habitat for Humanity building in Winamac needs volunteers
Starke/Pulaski Habitat for Humanity is seeking volunteers for construction of its newest home at 712 S. West St., in Winamac.

Work will begin Saturday, Aug. 9 and continue on Saturdays thereafter until the project is complete.

All types of volunteers are needed to help with framing, general labor, cleanup and preparing meals for the work crew. Donations of materials – from a box of nails to lumber — also are needed.

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