Commissioners prepare for 2016 budget
Pulaski County Commissioners are beginning to take a hard look at their 2016 budget.

During a regular commissioners’ meeting on Monday, the commissioners briefly discussed the budget with county auditor Shelia Garling.

Garling gave a quick overview of the county budget reports. She compared expenses from 2013, 2014 and the expenses from May 31 this year.

She recently began working on the budget because they will need to be complete by the end of June. Garling voiced her concerns about Click to continue reading…

Society of Innovators asks for nominations
Pulaski County was distinguished with the honor of being one of seven counties to host a news conference for The Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana on June 11.

The meeting was hosted by Pulaski County Economic Development and sponsored by NIPSCO. The initiative is called Expedition Innovation 2015 - A Call for Nominations.

Pulaski County Commissioner Larry Brady opened the call for nominations presentation. He encouraged those in the audience to become Click to continue reading…

Town council voices concerns about downing trees
The Winamac Town Council voiced their concerns about town employees cutting down trees in town.

On June 15, electric department superintendent Doug Shorter said several trees in the town have been cut down including several ash trees damaged by the emerald ash borer.

The town has been working with Click to continue reading…

Star City Sewer District concerns overflowing
Signs of rainfall being pumped into the Star City Sewer District system have board members concerned with the potential increase of costs.

Because the system is pumped to the Winamac wastewater treatment plant, board members are looking at a rise in treatment costs because of the large amounts of waste flowing through the town system. Click to continue reading…

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